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Laboratory Furniture: Steel Cabinets, Tables, and Lab Accessories

Work Surfaces

Phenolic Tops to Fit Our Tables

Chemical-Resistant Tabletop Work Surfaces
30" and 24" Deep, Black Phenolic Resin

Model # Length Depth Height
LL7230CRP-B3/4 72" 30" 3/4"
LL6030CRP-B3/4 60" 30" 3/4"
LL4830CRP-B3/4 48" 30" 3/4"
LL3630CRP-B3/4 36" 30" 3/4"

"Why is it that you physicists always require so much expensive equipment?
Now the Department of Mathematics requires nothing but money for pencils
and erasers...and the Department of Philosophy is better still.
It doesn't even ask for erasers."
- Isaac Asimov

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