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Wall-Mounted Shelving Components

Get the same convenience of our Deck-Mounted Shelving in an option for Wall-Mounted

shelves. Just three ingenious components give you a wide range of innovative and

flexible solutions for the extra wall-mounted storage you need, quickly, inexpensively,

and with minimum disruption. Just like our Deck-Mounted Shelves, they 're easy

to install, easy to configure, and hold up to 150 lbs.

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Wall Bracket Shelf
Wall Bracket, Steel, Shadow Steel Shelf, Shadow
(for Wall-Mounted or Deck-Mounted Shelving)
Model # Length Width Depth Model # Length Depth
LL48WS-S 48" 2" 1.5" LL3512DMS-S 34.750" 13.188"
        LL4712DMS-S 46.750" 13.188"
Here's how it all fits together:
Schematic showing how the  wall-mounted shelves work are assembled


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Dave Barry



48-inch Wall-mount bracket
Steel shelf
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