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Laboratory Furniture: Steel Cabinets, Tables, and Lab Accessories


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Not shown: our adjustable tables, tall cabinets. fume hoods, and shelving systems.

Apron Rails & Housings Apron Rails & Housings Sitting-height base cabinets Sitting-height base cabinets Sink Cabinets Sink cabinets Filler Panels & Accessories Filler panels & accessories Standing-height Cabinets Standing-height cabinets Table leg supports Table leg supports Wall Cabinets Wall Cabinets Wall and tall cabinets Sitting-height cabinets Standing-height cabinets Filler panels Standing-height cabinets

Here’s an example of a lab configured entirely with Looped Logic steel lab furniture. You can outfit a lab of any size and shape with Looped Logic components. It’s built to industry norms and will even work well with existing benches and equipment. So it’s ideal for lab remodels, too.



NEW! Fume Hoods and Safety Cabinets IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP!

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