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NEW! Fume Hoods and Specialty Cabinets are in stock and ready to ship!

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IN STOCK 4' and 6' Benchtop Fume Hoods

  • Fastest delivery on the planet!
  • All Looped LOGIC benchtop fume hoods meet Ashrae 11095 requirements for standard and low flow
  • Safety features far above industry standard, including:
    • Higher-rated safety glass
    • Thicker liner board
    • Metal-free, corrosion-resistant interior
    • Frameless sash with vented finger pull for excellent ventilation even when sash is fully closed
  • All-welded expoxy powder-coated steel frames for longer life
  • Standard features that are expensive options for others:
    • Stainless steel duct exhaust
    • Wire-management chase keeps cords out of your way, even with sill fully closed
    • Crush-resistant stainless steel flush sill airfoil for unobstructed access to materials
    • Standard 30" sash opening with a 36" sight line

Looped LOGIC IN-STOCK fume hood
Model # Length Available Depths Height
LL-5SA47A 47" 31.375" 37.375" 41.375" 54.25"
LL-5SA70A 70" 31.375" 37.375" 41.375" 54.25"

IN STOCK Specialty & Safety Cabinets


Looped LOGIC IN-STOCK Specialty Cabinets


Flammable/Hazardous Waste Storage Cabinets – IN STOCK

  • Meets NFPA, FM, UL standards
  • Use under fume hoods, under counters, or in stand-alone applications
  • Vent kits available for fume hoods
  • Flammables and/or hazardous waste labeling available
  • Double-wall 18-ga. construction with 1/5" air space
  • Pneumatic self-closing door
  • Chemical-resistant powder-coating paint
  • Single adjustable 18-ga. shelf included
  • 18-ga. 2" sill at bottom to contain spills
  • Looped LOGIC always recommends venting your flammable waste storage cabinet


Acid/Corrosive Storage Cabinets – IN STOCK

  • Designed for under-counter and under-fume hood applications
  • Optional 18-ga. steel top available for standalone applications
  • Includes one 18-ga. adjustable shelf
  • Bottom vent kit available for fume hoods
  • Adjustable leveling bolts
  • Acid and/or corrosive labeling available
  • Storage of phenolic nitric or sulfuric acid not recommended
Model # Doors Width Depth Height Model # Doors Width Depth Height
LL-FSB24H 1 24" 22" 35.375" LL-ASB24H 1 24" 22" 35.375"
LL-FSB35H 2 35" 22" 35.375" LL-ASB35H 2 35" 22" 35.375"
LL-FSB47H 2 47" 22" 35.375" LL-ASB47H 2 47" 22" 35.375"


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