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LL21401E-HC Faucet LL21401E-HC Faucet

LL21406EVB-HC Faucet
Hot/Cold Mixing Faucet Hot/Cold Mixing Faucet with Vacuum Breaker
Model # Width Height Model # Width Height
LL21401E-HC 8.18" 15.35" LL21406EVB-HC 8" 14.93"
LL21102E-CW Faucet LL21102E-CW Faucet LL21105EVB-HC Faucet
LL21105EVB-HC Faucet
Cold Water Faucet with Vacuum Breaker

Cold Water Faucet

Model # Width Height Model # Width Height
LL21102E-CW 8.18" 16.93" LL21105EVB-CW 8" 16.93"


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