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Deck-Mounted Shelving Components

When you've maxed out your benches but still need more shelving, move up, not out.
Looped LOGIC's Deck-Mounted Shelving gives you an innovative and flexible way to get

the extra storage you need, quickly, inexpensively, and with minimum disruption.

They 're easy to install on existing lab casework, easy to configure, and hold up to 150 lbs.

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LL3512DMS-S 35" deck-mounted shelf 47" Deck-mounted shelf
35" Steel Shelf, Shadow
(for Wall-Mounted or Deck-Mounted Shelving)
47" Steel Shelf, Shadow
(for Wall-Mounted or Deck-Mounted Shelving)
Model # Length Depth Model # Length Depth
LL3512DMS-S 34.375" 13.188" LL4712DMS-S 46.750" 13.188"
LL48SU-S Single 48" Steel Upright LL48DU-S 48" Double Upright
Single 48" Steel Upright, Shadow Double 48" Steel Upright, Shadow
Model # Height Model # Height
LL48SU-S 48.375" LL48DU-S 48.375"
ll34US-S 34" Upper Stabilizer LL48DU-S 48" Double Upright
34" Steel Upper Stabilizer, Shadow 46" Steel Upper Stabilizer, Shadow
Model # Length Model # Length
LL34US-S 33.375" LL46US-S 45.375"


Landlady: "Are you boys cooking in there?"

Scientists: "No."

Landlady: "Are you boys building an interocitor?"

Scientists: "NO!"

Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Movie


35" steel shelf
47" steel shelf
Single steel upright
Double steel upright
35-inch stabilizer
48-inch stabilizer
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