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Laboratory Furniture: Steel Cabinets, Tables, and Lab Accessories



"I just wanted to write to you to thank you for your help in designing our lab. It came out great!

We are extremely happy with the quality of the cabinets. It took two unskilled guys about two days to install everything"

-Michael, MISCO

Cleveland, Ohio

"Outsource Facility Solutions is a laboratory services provider in Colorado. We recently had a client that needed casework to furnish a new facility, fast. They had lost their lease, and needed to be up and running in a new location within three weeks.

Looped Logic was able to provide the high quality cabinets and tables that we needed, quickly enough that we were able to meet their deadline. Although time, not cost, was the primary concern on this project, the value of the Looped Logic product was certainly a bonus to our client. We found that comparable products with a lead time of 6-8 weeks would have cost substantially more than the Looped Logic furniture.

We appreciate your quality product, pricing, and costumer service, and we look forward to being able to offer Looped Logic Laboratory Furniture to our clients in the future."


Yours truly,

Mark Nissenbaum - Manager, Outsource Facility Solutions, LLC.



"I was very pleased at the condition the cabinets arrived in, our crew commented to me how pleased they were at the ease these cabinets were to install and our client was equally pleased with the finished product. I think you covered all the bases. Thanks."


-Stan Schneller, The Blettner Group


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